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We  are a group for serious volunteer engineers & scientists engaged in designing and developing software for small satellites such as CubeSats - i.e. smallSats, chipSats, pocketSats, miniSats, microSats, nanoSats, or picoSats, etc. for most any purpose from Gamification to Experimentation, from Education to Defense, from NEO Detection to "Dinosaur Killer" Mitigation.

With the advent of the CubeSat, the cost of building and launching satellites has come down by a factor of 1,000, enough to be within the reach of small groups. This is a repeat of the PC phenomena in the 1970's and the Internet in the 1990's: a low barrier to entry and a huge payoff for the successful techno-entrepreneur.  It will be fun to watch it, and lucrative to be part of it.
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We Need A Few Good:

Aerospace Engineers

Computer Scientists

Electrical Engineers

Mechanical Engineers



Simulation Experts

Software Architects 

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